Useful trampy links

Just a few websites I use/browse a lot that  might help you with your trampy travel planning. I'm intending to make this an ever-expanding page, so check back every now and again if you're interested.

Hitchhiking advice... -for first hand, detailed advice on hitchhiking. a rapidly expanding blog of personal experiences, advice and guest-posts (including one by me!) -this guy has been on the road for three years from the USA all the way down through Central and South America- if you can't learn anything from him you're a lost cause... He's now given up hitchhiking in order to canoe up the Amazon for a while. - you don't use Reddit yet? -super-cheap travel advice on hitchhiking, destinations and events.

Other trampy links... -The biggest internet database comparing the cost of living between the majority of worldwide countries and cities (sometimes your findings are surprising). lets you know detailed advice on which airports are the best and worst to stay in overnight. It's worth checking as occasionally some will just throw you out! -Sleeping on random people's sofas for a free night's accommodation. Use your common sense. -a few hours work a day for free accommodation and sometimes food in all sorts of amazing locations. It has a sign-up fee (22 euros for a single person, 29 euros for two), which doesn't seem too bad in the long run. -an irritating format, but interesting free and low-cost volunteer opportunities in South & Central America (avoid the greedy middle-men- nobody should have to pay £3000 to spend two weeks looking after orphans). -similar but world-wide places to find free wifi (probably useful to have a look before you go somewhere...) -how to hand-make just about anything (thanks Dan)

TEFL teaching- a good way to make a little extra cash on the road or experience what it's like to actually live somewhere for a while... -useful TEFL forum -reddit can be useful

...and some that I just love. for beautiful music. -weekly installments of other people's anonymous secrets. I'm just nosy really.

What am I missing?! Feel free to leave any useful trampy links you've found in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Katie,

    Good to hear from you, and thanks for the link. I'll try to remember to return the favor. Meanwhile, you should attempt to drift to the Amazon one day. I will personally make sure you get lost.

    Keep sleeping on floors


    P.S. If this comment ends up being posted multiple times, disregard the repeats. The Internet here works at the same pace as a stoned snail who also happens to be completely paralyzed from the shell down. Poor bastard.

    1. Hey Patrick, Thanks for getting in touch, I really didn't expect you to (what with the floating about on the Amazon and all). Don't worry, it didn't post multiple times, but I like the snail image... sort of? Getting lost is pretty tricky at the moment as I'm a bit stuck on a Scottish island, but have a one-way flight booked to Trinidad in May and am hoping to slowly weave my way down through South America afterwards, so maybe we'll bump into you somewhere in Brazil! I've been really enjoying your blog- just found it off Hitchwiki the other day. Keep sleeping in hammocks! Katie


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