Originally from the depths of rural Dorset, England, I've been staring longingly at my spinning plastic globe and trying to interpret maps since before I could read. Fortunately, this obsession has made up for a little of my dysfunctional internal compass in recent years or I might still be wandering around the wrong part of the first city I ever visited... I'm not exactly ideally suited to travelling; with no sense of direction, a complete ineptitude for languages and a serious problem keeping hold of my cameras, it's surprising I've survived this far. Nevertheless, I'm trying to keep the number of countries I've visited higher than my age and hope you'll enjoy reading about my ridiculous adventures along the way.

                              (Dorset's alright really)

Realistically, if travelling is my main aim in life, I'm always going to be pretty poor, so if you're interested in budget travel and how to squeeze the most life experiences from your pitiful pocket this is hopefully the site for you. I'm not afraid to sleep in the cheapest available spot...


Other than travelling, an interest which it is probably unnecessary to point out here, I mainly like to write about things which I find either exciting or beautiful, and preferably both. As far as I'm concerned, art, music and this stunning planet we live on pretty much cover the beauty aspect and with a healthy injection of adrenaline from the odd bungee jump, challenging climb or crazy weather kayaking expedition I'm a happy Feather.

I also have a verging on unhealthy obsession with festivals, which embody a dizzying concoction of these interests, and have racked up a count of around fifteen in the last few years... so I'll probably write about those every now and again too.

                    (I'm a jellyfish)

What else? Oh, well my name is Katie Featherstone, I'm currently 22 and if you are going to read anything I write you'll hopefully realise quite soon that not everything I say is entirely serious. In fact, a lot of it is a bit silly, but I'll try to make it as useful as possible at the same time. 

...if you've got this far you're already doing well. Congratulations and keep up the good work. For your efforts I reward you with a photo of the world's prettiest bug- 

The Jewel Scarab Beetle

Katie x

P.S. If you like me (or even better what I write) just leave me a little comment under one of my posts- it's nice to know somebody is enjoying them!


  1. A lot of people have Old Blog's, but Older is new and funny :)

    Keep Travelling and writing.

  2. Lovely blog and I like your travel/life philosophy. Happy travelling!

  3. Hey Katie.. like ur travel philosophy and luv ur blog..

  4. Definitely dig your philosophy! Come visit the Lowlands festival in Holland some time. I think you'll like it! Looking forward to read your travel/festival updates. Manouk (Bunch of Backpackers)

    1. Thanks! Just had a little look at Lowlands festival- sounds awesome. Looking forward to your updates too!


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